The Owl Barn is a curated residency interested in nature, politics, spirituality, and creativity.

 The studio

The Owl barn formerly the Hedgehogs Parlour was formerly an Artist's Residency. It is now an open residency curated by the subjects of nature, politics, spirituality and creativity. Based in rural Gloucestershire, it is a great space to do a project, unwind with your peers on retreat, or to make intensive progress. We hope to promote collaborations between these 4 areas. If you work in these areas, or are interested in these things please get in contact.


Nature - herbs, rewilding, ecology, growing, trees.

Spirituality - healing, human/self development, the heart, shamanism, indigenous, natural.

Politics - neo liberal critique, ecopolitics, everymans politics, revisioning, renewal.

Creativity - getting the message across, art, crafts, music.


We have 6 bedrooms, a large living room, 2 kitchens and a large barn dedicated to the residency and a library we’re building around these topics. Residencies can range from 2 days to 6 months. The price of the residency is negotiable depending on the project and your finances. Food is not provided. Small amounts of travel can be provided to and from the Tallet, but it is best to have a bicycle, moped or car in the group. Payment can be in kind in return for gardening. We have extensive gardens herbs and vegetables and woodland, polytunnel and pond. Residencies are open to gardeners. The barn is available for dancing, art, meetings, conferences and workshops of all kinds.

Our mission is to enbed progressive approaches to a spiritual idea of humanity as part of nature and to bring this vision to politics. And keep our garden well.

For applications please phone 07799784154 and then email r.e.m.arbuthnott, with a detailed outline of your project, cv if possible, and how it fits in with the owl barns mission. We are now open for applications for the next 2 years.

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Living at the Owl Barn

The residents of the Owl Barn live in the parlour, the rooms below the studio where two to five residents live at one time. Everyone has their own bedroom, the use of a bathroom, a kitchen and communal living room.